Watch: 5 new cases; 18 in total

Live: L-ahhar zviluppi dwar il-coronavirus

Posted by on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Health authorities announced that five new coronavirus cases were registered in Malta. Maltese authorities have registered 18 positive cases in total so far.

The Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci said that all cases were imported into Malta from abroad. She said that Malta doesn’t need to go into lockdown yet. Gauci was speaking at a press briefing on the latest news regarding COVID-19 at the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate

Late on Friday night, the authorities announced they found a new case. The patient is a university student who attended a lecture while showing symptoms. The health authorities are tracing students who might have been in contact with the student.

One of the five new patients is a Russian national who arrived in Malta on the 4th of March. They started showing symptoms of a fever and muscle pain on the 11th of March.

Another one of the five is a Maltese person who travelled to Dublin and started showing symptoms as of the 9th of March. Another Maltese individual who tested positive returned -to Malta on the 9th of March and went into self-quarantine.

The remaining two patients are from Hong Kong and Italy. They both travelled to Madrid between the 7th and 10th of March. On the 11th of March, they developed a cough and pain around their body.

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