Watch: 7 new Covid-19 cases; most transmitted locally

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Seven new coronavirus cases were reported overnight, all but one were contracted locally, Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci said on Thursday.

The total number of cases now went up to 195.

While for the health authorities it is eight new cases, the number is seven since one of the cases is a man who previously tested positive but was confirmed after a second test.

In brief:

  • Seven new cases were reported; one was travel related
  • Patients have displayed symptoms such as coughs and high temperature however others had gastric ailments
  • Professor Gauci points out that decisions on spring hunting do not fall under her remit.
  • Social distancing measures apply for hunters
  • Risk of contracting the virus from postal articles is minimal but the virus can exist on surfaces. In case of items delivered from abroad, Professor Gauci recommended that mail is left aside
  • ‘People who test positive for Covid-19 should be supported not stigmatized’
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12:59 "Covid-19 is a virus just as much as influenza and it is important that people who contract coronavirus are not stigmatized," Professor Gauci says ending her daily press briefing.
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12:58 The public is urged to get in touch with 111 if they develop symptoms.
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12:56 Professor Gauci clarified that there were eight cases for the health authorities, however seven were new since one case had already tested positive.
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12:53 The virus primarily exists in a human's body. Asked whether the groceries should be thrown out, Professor Gauci suggests that one should either leave it aside or wipe the products.
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12:52 'Unfortunately many people are still going to work even if they have very mild symptoms,' Professor Gauci remarks. She highlights the need to stay at home and wait until the tests are out.
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12:51 Many have called 111 following the news that a LIDL employee tested positive.
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12:50 Asked by on a specific case, Professor Gauci explained the procedure and said that in this case there was no need to close down the place for fumigation.
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12:49 The curve is gradually increasing, Professor Gauci remarks. She adds that they're striving so the increase is not steep.
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12:47 Professor Gauci acknowledges that despite having cleaned the database some people who have already passed away might have received the letter from the government.
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12:46 Spring hunting does not fall under the remit of the Superintendence of Public Health but ORNIS, Professor Gauci points out.
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12:44 Question time!
Professor Gauci recommended to leave the post away for 24 hours or so, if one does not require it immediately, especially if it comes from abroad.
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12:42 Professor Gauci notes that there is a shift towards locally transmitted cases. She remarks that the symptoms are no longer simply associated with respiratory problems but they have seen patients developing symptoms related gastrointestinal issues.
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12:41 A 26-year-old woman who is a healthcare worker. She developed symptoms associated with coronavirus. The woman went to work a day earlier. Her coworkers were placed under quarantine.
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12:39 Case details:
A 36-year-old Filipino man who developed symptoms associated with Covid-19 on 25 March.

A 48-year-old Maltese man developed symptoms associated with Covid-19. He went to work and subsequently seven of his coworkers were sent home.

A Maltese man contracted the virus locally, four coworkers are in quarantine since he went to work.
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12:38 A 22-year-old female related to the patient who was on holiday to Morocco is one of the newly confirmed cases. The case was detected via contact tracing.
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12:38 "We're increasing the number of swabs, to detect persons infected with coronavirus as early as possible and isolate the affected individuals," Professor Gauci remarked.

8297 swabs were carried out so far.

All eight patients are in a good health condition.

Currently there are two patients in ITU, one is being monitored while the condition of the man who is breathing with the help of a ventilator has improved.

There are 16 patients at St Thomas Hospital.

There are 10 patients being treated at the Infectious Diseases Unit at Mater Dei and the rest are recovering at home.
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12:37 Professor Charmaine Gauci enters the room.
738 swab tests were carried out overnight at the various testing hubs and Mater Dei hospital.

8 new cases confirmed. 7 of the new cases were locally transmitted. The other case is related to a previously confirmed case which was travel related.
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12:14 On Wednesday:

– 19 new cases: 5 travel-related and 14 locally transmitted
– Total coronavirus cases: 188
– One of the persons who has contracted the virus is an employee at the Lidl store in Safi
– People who have visited the Lidl store in Safi between the 26th and 30th March should call the helpline 111 if they feel any symptoms
– All new cases are in a good health condition
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Wednesday 1st April
Watch: 19 new COVID-19 cases

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