Watch: Johnson addresses UK Parliament; “Supreme Court was wrong”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told MPs that the UK’s Supreme Court was “wrong to pronounce on a political question at a time of great national controversy”.

The UK’s highest court ruled Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament as unlawful, void, and to no effect. This has prompted opposition calls for him to resign.

Updated: UK Attorney General said prorogation was ‘lawful’

The Prime Minister was forced to cut short his visit to the United Nations General Assembly in New York to explain his legal defeat to the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn said he should “have done the honourable thing and resigned”.

However, Johnson responded that the Labour leader and other opposition parties that they should “finally face the day of reckoning with the voters” in a general election.

Boris Johnson’s prorogation ruled unlawful by Scottish judges

Updated: Queen approves Boris Johnson’s request to suspend parliament