Watch: What would his mother tell Bishop Galea Curmi?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

This week Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi remembers two different but related anniversaries. Sunday was the anniversary of the death of his mother Josette; Tuesday is the second anniversary of his episcopal consecration.

“We discussed your mother’s influence when I interviewed you when you were appointed bishop. What would she tell you today?”, asked Fr Joe Borg who was interviewing Bishop Galea Curmi for a special edition of Newsbook Hour for

“She would have told me what she always told me, my brother and sisters: You can’t ignore the plea of the needy. I frequently remember these words and tried to live them to the full in my ministry as bishop”, he answered.

“You cannot meet someone who is vulnerable, poor, wants someone to speak to or has any other need and you don’t stop to help that person”, said the Auxiliary Bishop.

“We buried my mother on August 4th”

Listening to and helping people

He then gave several examples of his contacts with people as part of his mission.

Bishop Galea Curmi said that meeting people, listening to them and learning about their needs was one of the most rewarding experiences during these last two years as bishop.

“When you meet a person you need to listen to their story. We can’t judge or condemn people. We have to listen. Every human being brings experiences and every experience defines a person. That person needs to be listened and valued, as these are the elements which distinguish every individual”, said Bishop Galea Curmi.

He recalled an experience when he met the family who had lost their daughter in a traffic accident. He said that such moments spiritually uplifting and consoling to the family and important to him as they can define his mission of valuing the importance of the values of life and what makes every person unique.

Fr Borg reminded the bishop of several statements of his about migrants.

Bishop Galea Curmi said that one who insults and hates a person on the basis of the colour of his skin, hates and insult God.

“This goes against the dignity of humanity and has to stop. Racism and xenophobia goes against the teachings of the Lord and against what we believe in.”

Protecting life at all stages 

The Auxiliary Bishop spoke about the need to respect and protect life at every stage of its existence.

“From conception to the last breathe and every single moment in between. If a human person asks for help, if a person asks to be saved from the helped and saved, we’re obliged to do so as this is the core of our values and what we believe in”, he added.

Bishop Galea Curmi said that the Church’s teaching and action are and need to be continuously inspired by the principles of social justice.

“We have to see that the value of life and social justice is applied in every aspect of our lives. We can’t ignore the importance of human life when building or carrying excavations, for example.”

The same applies in respecting the recommended directives and instructions by the Health authorities to protect our lives and those of others in these testing times of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Social justice is in everything we do and is crucial to keep it as a priority. It is the fulcrum around which our mission and work should evolve, he added.

On a different note, Bishop Galea Curmi spoke also about the importance of physical exercise, where despite the timetable, he still tries to schedule periods for walking. These moments are important both for the health, but gain value as often end up in more instances where can carry his mission by meeting even more people.