Watch: “Govt was expecting COVID-19 cases increase with the re-opening of the airport”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Il-Prim Ministru u Mexxej tal-Partit Laburista, Robert Abela intervistat minn Lovin Malta

Il-Prim Ministru u Mexxej tal-Partit Laburista, Robert Abela intervistat minn Lovin Malta

Posted by Robert Abela on Sunday, August 23, 2020

Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Robert Abela said rather then saying if the government made bad decisions and who took those decisions we should focus on what is happening in other countries while stating that the increase in the number of active cases was expected.

Robert Abela was being interviewed by Chris Peregin from Lovin Malta.

When asked about the decision taken by a number of countries which are imposing travel restrictions on Malta, PM Abela said that this is not happening only to Malta and it was a situation which the government was expecting with the reopening of the airport.

Abela denied that the travel restrictions on Malta imposed by several countries were due to the relaxations of measures as announced by the Maltese government. He then confirmed that the decisions were taken not only by him but together with deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne and the Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci.

Asked about the decision by the Public Bradcasting Services, PBS, to scrap the programme Xarabank, Robert Abela said that the decision was not politically motivated and that the PBS acted independently.

On the issue of illegal migration, PM Robert Abela said that this is an issue that is particularly effecting specific localities and that the government is committed to address the burden faced by many families who are being affected.

In the past few days, the government has been faced with a petition signed by 40,000 individuals who are against illegal migration and are demanding a referendum on the matter. The Mayor of Hamrun, Christian Sammut said in an interview with iNews that on the issue of migration the government does not have a plan and localities such as Hamrun and Marsa lack enforcement. Abela said he does not agree with the statement of Sammut and that of the Mayor of Marsa.

The Prime Minister said that the government does have a plan and the key is enforcement. “My first priority is to protect the people. They should feel safe and feel comfortable to go out of their homes,” stated Abela.

During the interview asked by Chris Peregin if he regrets being Malta’s Prime Minister given the fact that in his first 8 months he had to face major issues from the Moneyval report, to COVID-19, to the emerging allegations into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, PM Abela while admitting that he could have taken a different approach to certain situations he said he does not regret being Malta’s Prime Minister.