Watch: “Evident Abela already chose who the new Police Chief will be” – Delia

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Posted by Adrian Delia on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said that the Opposition will not be part of the process to appoint the new police chief.

Interviewed on Sunday morning on the PN’s media Adrian Delia said that the choice for a new police commissioner has already been made by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Opposition has been stating that the police commissioner should be appointed upon two-thirds Parliament majority.

On Monday Police chief executive officer Angelo Gafá has been billed by Cabinet for the position of Commissioner of Police.

A government statement said that the minister had considered two candidates ‘unanimously’ shortlisted by the Public Service Commission. The name of the second candidate was not revealed. The statement added that after due consideration, Cabinet agreed to move that Mr Gafá’s name be put for the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Committee for Public appointments.

Adrian Delia said that it is evident that Abela has already decided who the new police commissioner will be and that it is not true that the new police commissioner will be working independently from the Office of the Prime Minister as one-year probation will be included in the contract which means that the new Police Commissioner can be dismissed by Prime Minister Abela himself, said Delia.

During the interview, the PN leader has mentioned again the €96 million that the government is giving to Vitals Global Healthcare and how this money could instead be used to finance families’ utility bills by reducing them by 50% at least for one year.

Adrian Delia also criticised the government’s advertisement wrapped around the Sunday’s newspapers except for the PN’s Sunday newspaper, Il-Mument.

The Sunday Times, The Malta Independent, It-Torċa, Malta Today and il-Kullħadd newspapers published today, had a wrap-around advert on the government’s package announced last Monday.

Adrian Delia said that in view of the current economic situation the government opted to spend taxpayer’s money for propaganda.

The PN leader has also made reference to the allegations emerging from court proceedings on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. Adrian Delia asked why is Prime Minister Robert Abela choosing to suspend former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar instead of firing him and why has he not demanded Chris Cardona’s resignation as PL’s Deputy Leader.