“The new swabbing centre is not a drop-in clinic”- Prof. Gauci

Testing Centre coronavirus
Miguela Xuereb

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Posted by Newsbook.com.mt on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

On Tuesday, a new testing centre where people suspected of having contracted coronavirus can get tested opened in Ħal Farruġ.

During a press conference the Superintendent for Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci explained that people visiting the centre will be asked to use a hand sanitizer before entering the building. People will also be asked to wear a mask. Then a swab test will be carried out inside a cubicle.

A demonstration of coronavirus testing procedure was explained to the media.

The people who will undergo this test will be contacted by health authorities to provide them with the results. During this time people will be asked to stay in self-quarantine.

Prof. Gauci said that this swabbing centre is not a drop-in clinic where whoever has the symptoms can get tested but the centre is designed for people who have already gone through the assessment criteria then, health authorities will recommend the person to visit the swabbing centre accordingly.