Watch: Online lessons by Sport Malta coaches

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A total of 35 videos a week will be uploaded online on a weekly basis by Sport Malta as part of BeActive at Home, a newly launched initiative aimed at encouraging physical exercise at home.

In a press conference on Monday morning, CEO Mark Cutajar explained that following a public call 45 coaches have come forward to offer their services and teach online.

Five videos per day will be uploaded to the organisation’s website and Facebook page. The project will continue once the pandemic is over.

Cutajar explained that while plans were underway to have online lessons, the plan had to be brought forward amid the coronavirus outbreak. The lessons will cover various sport sectors. There will also be live lessons for those athletes training with Skola Sport.

Cutajar said that there were various preparations leading up to the videos. A public call was issued for coaches who would like to work online. All 45 coaches who submitted their application were accepted, Cutajar explained. A meeting was held to iron out the details in order to achieve the organisation’s aim. All lessons will be evaluated before uploading them online, Cutajar highlighted, stressing that Sport Malta was aiming at providing quality lessons to the general public.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sports Clifton Grima said that all sport organisations have been cooperative in the current situation. Grima highlighted the need to be active even while staying at home. He commended the initiative and noted that it would help people in remaining physically active. Physical activity is not only important for trained athletes but would benefit the population at large. By inserting physical activity in one’s routine we could avoid problems related to the lack of such activity, Grima highlighted.

“Sports is very important to include in our lifestyle. We have to adapt to our new reality,” Grima said referring to the coronavirus outbreak in Malta.

Sport Malta Chairman Luciano Busuttil remarked that one did not expect the current situation however being locked at home does not mean that one cannot do physical exercise. He also highlighted the importance of doing physical exercise in order to improve one’s mental health.

The press conference was held at the Tal-Qroqq Sport Complex and was addressed by Minister Grima, CEO Mark Cutajar and Sport Malta chairman Luciano Busuttil.