Watch: “State funding instead of funding by big business” – Louis Galea

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There is a solution so that political parties do not get funds from the big businesses, stated Dr Louis Galea on the radio station 103 Malta’s Heart. Louis Galea answered questions by Fr Joe Borg during the programme Newsbook Hour where he explained that the state can amend the constitution to implement state funding for the political parties and therefore they would not be at the mercy of big businesses.

Galea has been tasked with spearheading the Nationalist Party’s reform. In the 1970s Galea was instrumental in the reform of the PN which led to the election of Eddie Fenech Adami as a leader and the electoral victories that followed.

He continued to explain that in the same way, the government provides funds to a number of voluntary organisations it should provide funds to political parties which are vital for democracy to function. In this manner they would have the means to deliver not only their political message but also their vision for future generations which is what politics should be about, said Galea.

He also mentioned that as a country we will remain divided if the political parties will continue having their own media. “If we will continue having two political stations, we will continue having two versions of the truth, two versions of reality,” explained Dr Louis Galea.

During the programme Galea has also explained how the revised statute of the PN is the result of a year’s work of meetings and drafting of amendments and planning, with people from different social strata and also experts including religious experts. On this term Louis Galea said that Christians have every right to choose their different paths including political paths.

Asked about the reform within the Nationalist Party, Louis Galea said that the PN has been apologising, focusing on listening rather than talking, and trying to reform itself for the past 7 years. It is now time to act, said Galea who has also mentioned the main differences between the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party and which should come to light in view of the reforms approved within the PN.

Dr Louis Galea said that it can be easily noticed that the present government does not believe in equity and does not believe in the common good and is not committed in safeguarding the rule of law.