“Renald was capable of helping everyone irrespective of their beliefs” – Archbishop

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Renald Falzon was capable of helping everyone irrespective of their beliefs, Archbishop Charles Scicluna said during his homily on Saturday morning.

Qormi lost its mayor to coronavirus on Friday. The 46-year-old father is the youngest coronavirus victim registered in Malta to date.

Presiding over the funeral mass, Archbishop Scicluna said that he would like to see Falzon remembered for his work highlighting that he served everyone irrespective of their beliefs. Falzon was a firm believer of assisting those who needed help.

‘When we lose a loved one many find themselves asking: “Does all of this make sense? Where is God in this? Couldn’t He have spared us from this tragedy?”‘ Archbishop Scicluna reflected during the homily.

While there are no answers to questions such as these, Archbishop Scicluna said that, like Falzon’s relatives and friends, he is saddened by Falzon’s passing away, but there is hope in resurrection. He added that both Falzon and his father who also died of coronavirus, “are speaking to us from wherever they are and consoling us with words of peace. This does not mean that our sadness and pain will go away or that we will forget them.”

“While praying for Renald, let us also cherish our lives because it is precious. In this pandemic, before the family of one of the victims, let’s make an effort to cherish one another. Let us make an effort and uphold our civic duty like Renald did as a mayor without fearing the challenges that come our way,” Mgr Scicluna said.

He also thanked all those who dedicate their time and energy serving their community.

L-aħħar tislima lis-Sindku, mill-binja tal-Kunsill li fiha tant stinka għall-bżonnijiet tal-Qriema

Posted by Kunsill Lokali Ħal Qormi on Friday, November 13, 2020

The funeral procession began at 8.45am with various stops around Qormi where he was elected as mayor last year.

The procession stopped for a few minutes in front of the Local Council building in Qormi.

Locals are encouraged to display flags at half-mast as a symbol of respect. An appeal was made for everyone to follow from home so that no crowds would gather.