Watch: 7,200 applications for COVID-19 social support measures received by the Family Ministry

A press conference was addressed by Minister Michael Falzon to give an update on the assistance provided in relation to COVID-19 Social Support Measures.

The permanent secretary within the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity, Mark Musu said that the Ministry has the responsibility to issue the benefits for parents, persons with a disability, those who are unemployed and have to receive the benefit over and above COVID-19 measures and people who receive government benefits for medical reasons.

Mark Musu said that the number of applications received by the Ministry have increased by 1,200 which means a total of 7,200 applications were received. Out of the 7,200, 5,600 applications have been processed. Musu also said that over 2,400 people have already received the payment which means that the government has issued around €2.6 million in payments.

During the press conference, the permanent secretary within the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity said that during the month of March the Ministry received over 17,000 emails of which 500 are still pending. During this month, over 15,000 e-mails have been received.

Minister Michael Falzon said that the government sees the 7,200 applications as families not only as individuals. He also said that the majority of applicants are parents who cannot attend work or work from home as they have to take care of their young children.

It was also stated that the Ministry was expecting 20,000 in applications and an additional 5,000 applications from people who end up unemployed due to the coronavirus situation. However, these numbers have not been reached yet and this does not mean that the number will not continue to increase but it also shows that many employers have adopted certain measures to retain their workers.

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