Watch: 250 households to get internet access during COVID-19 outbreak

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Around 250 households will get free internet access during the coronavirus outbreak, the government announced on Tuesday morning.

In a press conference addressed by Education Minister Owen Bonnici and Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri, the government announced that as from Wednesday internet will be installed at some 250 households. Fielding questions from the media, Fabri said that those benefiting from the scheme will get a one-year contract. The new scheme will cost the government €40,000.

Students facing socio-economical problems such as being at risk of poverty or social exclusion can benefit from a scheme to improve their education and quality of life. This is known as Scheme 9 where students are provided a free lunch daily, receive a grant to buy their stationary and uniforms and make photocopies for free.

The government will also lend laptops and computers to those who lack access.

After the first few cases of coronavirus were reported in Malta, some schools closed their doors for a week. The government then announced that the schools would close down until after Easter only for the decision to be later extended until the end of the scholastic year.

Lessons however have continued online.

Minister Bonnici explained that during this time, students who qualify for scheme and are entitled to free lunch continued to receive their lunch outside their door.

Bonnici also appealed to businesses and individuals who had extra laptops and computers which they were not using and which could be lent to students who might require one during this period. had asked the ministry what was being done to ensure that students who lack internet or computer access do not miss out on classes since lessons moved online amid the coronavirus outbreak in Malta. The Ministry had said that it was printing resource packs and delivering them directly.

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