Watch: 12,885 applications received for COVID-19 Wage Supplement

The measures announced by the government aimed at assisting businesses and employees hit by the coronavirus situation are already being implemented, said Economy Minister Silvio Schembri during a press conference on Thursday.

The press conference was also addressed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malta Enterprise, Kurt Farrugia who gave details on the assistance provided by Malta Enterprise in relation to COVID-19 Economic Support Measures.

In view of the coronavirus situation in Malta affecting various economic sectors and following consultation with the various stakeholders, the government has recently announced a set of measures intended to assist those businesses, families and employees who are mostly hit by the coronavirus situation.

Types of initiatives:

  • Wage Supplement
  • Deferral of payment taxes
  • Social measures
  • Further Liquidity
  • Quarantine leave
  • Teleworking measures
  • Employment of third-country nationals

Economy Minister Said that regarding the Wage Supplement measure, the Malta Enterprise has received 12,885 application;

  • 74% – self-employed
  • 22% – companies
  • 3% – partnership business
  • 2% – others

According to the Economy Minister, the government received 52,703 applications from full-timers and around 10,000 from part-timers.

He also said that with such measure until today the government is currently safeguarding 62,000 jobs.

The accommodation and food industry, retail and wholesale, administrative and supply services, transport and the storage sector were the most sectors which applied for the Wage Supplement assistance.

Minister Schembri also said that the payments for March and April 2020 will be sent to all those who have applied as from next week and will be backdated to 9th April.

Regarding the quarantine leave measure, Schembri said that 1,112 applications were received and regarding the teleworking scheme over 200 applications were received.

The CEO of Malta Enterprise, Kurt Farrugia said that the entity has already started a process of application review and evaluation especially regarding the classification under which a company has applied to benefit from the measures announced.

Kurt Farrugia also said that the Malta Enterprise is asking all employers to inform the employees that part of their wage is being paid for through the Wage Supplement measure.

Also, Malta Enterprise will also be publishing the list of all companies which would have received the financial aid and employees will also be receiving a call so that Malta Enterprise can confirm that employees have actually received the wage supplement.

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