Watch: ‘Government silent on important issues’ – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that the government is silent on important issues, while addressing party activists gathered in Valletta. The Nationalist leader claimed that the government adjourned parliament because it does not want to discuss important issues at hand.

According to Delia, the Government does not want Partit Nazzjonalista to speak about cancer, saying that the Party will continue its fight against cancer.

Delia said that the Maltese families were the foundation of Maltese society, and said that 15 May is dedicated to the families in every shape or form. Delia argued that the families are not a number, saying that one needs to question whether families are benefiting from the wealth being generated.

On the quality of work

Speaking about employment, Delia said that while the Government insists on needing more employees, one needs to ensure the work’s quality and the wages. Delia said that in some instances the jobs offered are of low quality and have a miserly pay of €500 a month.

During the Partit Nazzjonalista activity on Wednesday, Delia also spoke about the need to address the skills gap. He also mentioned that Malta still has a high rate of early school leavers.

The PN leader also spoke about the directive led at an European level by Nationalist MEP David Casa, the Work-Life-Balance directive by which employees will get more days off. He asked whether the government is willing to shoulder the responsibility associated with granting more rights to employees.

Delia also touched upon the subject of the gender pay gap, saying that since 2011 until now, the gap has widened rather than closed. He referred to Partit Laburista claims of putting forward a feminist agenda as a government, saying that this was ultimately not true.

Video: Facebook / Partit Nazzjonalista

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