Watch: Genuine PL supporters were betrayed – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista Leader Adrian Delia said that genuine Labourites were betrayed, during an interview on Sunday.

Delia mostly spoke about the latest scandal to hit the island, involving murder suspect Yorgen Fenech pocketing millions when Enemalta acquired shares in a Montenegrin wind farm project. On Sunday, Partit Nazzjonalista convened an urgent parliamentary group meeting to discuss the Montenegro scandal.

Addressing Labour supporters, Delia said that there were certain individuals who were holding Partit Laburista hostage. The same individuals remained within the government, he noted. According to the Opposition Leader, Partit Laburista is facing an internal struggle over the latest revelations. He urged those who support Partit Laburista to find courage for the days ahead. Delia said that dark days were ahead. He added this is a time for “crucial decision”.

Delia remarked that the way things were unfolding, there is evidence of transnational crime. The Opposition leader said that within the Government parliamentary groups, some Members of Parliament were uncomfortable with the latest developments. Delia claimed that these MPs were uncomfortable with the current developments and could not take it any longer.

“Untold harm is being done to our country’s reputation,” Delia said.

According to Delia, Abela’s candidacy for party leader was endorsed by disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. He contrasted Abela’s approach, to Fearne, with Delia remarking that the Deputy Prime Minister was ready to weed out the bad within the government had he been appointed Prime Minister.

Delia also referred to Foreign Affair Minister Evarist Bartolo’s post on his personal Facebook page.

People are paying the price of corruption, Delia stated – noting how money which have been lost due to corrupt practices could have been used to help mariginalised communities within our society.