Watch: A government doing its job doesn’t justify corruption – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A government doing its job does not justify corruption, Partit Nazzjonalista Leader Adrian Delia said during an interview on Partit Nazzjonalista’s media on Saturday. Delia was interviewed by ONE reporter Nicole Buttigieg.

Delia was asked to acknowledge the “good” done by the Labour-led Government. The Opposition Leader noted that the people elect a government to be served by it. The government is in charge and decides on how taxpayers’ money is going to be served. The government does not have a free hand to engage in corrupt practices just because it fulfills its duty, Delia remarked.

The Opposition Leader noted that it was important to recognise good initiatives however, the role of the Opposition is that of a watchdog which is there to scrutinize the ruling party. Asked about the post-coronavirus socio-economic measures and the party’s position, Delia said that the government could have done more to help more groups in our society which have been negatively impacted by the outbreak of the virus. He added that as an Opposition, it could not forget those who did not benefit from any of the schemes announced.

No PN Ċedola for Yorgen Fenech

Asked whether murder suspect Yorgen Fenech has a ċedola with Partit Nazzjonalista, Adrian Delia replied in the negative at the end of the programme. Delia was pressed to recall the date in which he met Fenech. He dismissed the meeting as one of many meetings with businessmen, however, he excluded that this happened after it was revealed that Fenech was the owner of the Dubai-based company 17 Black.

Delia remarked that the ċedoli scheme which allows the party to borrow money from third parties was approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority. He insisted that the list of people who have a ċedola could not be published because it would be in breach of the law.

The money loaned under the scheme is repayable in full at the expiration of a ten-year period commencing from the date of signing of the loan agreement.

During the interview, Delia said that Partit Laburista should explain how thousands were raised during the fundraising marathon. He referred to a donation by the Naxxar PL committee which was substantially financed by Michael Zammit Tabona, owner of the Captain Morgan group.