Watch: Paid up members have the last word on leadership, Delia says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista’s paid up members (tesserati) have the last word on party’s leadership, embattled leader Adrian Delia said during an interview on the party’s media hosted by St Paul’s Bay PN local councillor Graziella Galea, on Saturday.

Delia has recently lost two confidence votes taken within the PN Opposition parliamentary group and the executive committee of the party. The votes of confidence were called following an exchange over WhatsApp between the PN leader and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech after it was revealed that the latter was the owner of the Dubai-based company 17 Black.

Speaking on Saturday, Delia said that there were people who were trying to depict the party as though it was going through an internal struggle from which it would not recover, maintaining that the debate within the party was healthy and from which it would come out stronger. Long meetings show that the party is going through a ‘real’ renewal process which includes everyone and not just the few, Delia maintained.

Referring to Partit Laburista, Delia said that their inner workings were shrouded in secrecy. He noted that the latest internal elections within the ruling party turned into an anointment after none of the roles were contested but there was a list of candidates.

“Partit Nazzjonalista believes in transparency,” he said.

Speaking about the situation so far and the upcoming vote within the general council of the party, Delia maintained that parliamentary affairs are discussed and decided within the parliamentary group, party politics and the party’s ideology are discussed within the executive council while the paid up members have the last word on the party leadership.

The embattled leader vowed that whatever the outcome of the general council would be next week he will continue ‘to fight corruption until his last breath’.

The general council is set to convene on Friday 31 July to decide between asking paid up members to confirm Delia as leader or to elect a new leader. The vote will take place the next day.

Video: Partit Nazzjonalista