Watch: Video showing migrants chanting PL anthem an invitation for whole continent, Delia claims

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The video which showed migrants chanting Partit Laburista anthem on board the government chartered vessels holding asylum seekers offshore could be seen as an invitation to the whole continent, Africa, to come to Malta, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said during an interview on the party’s media with l-Orrizzont journalist Matthew Charles Zammit.

Delia referred to videos which had emerged showing asylum seekers chanting the Labour Party anthem. The video shows a group of Maltese men orchestrating the Labour Party anthem as the rescuees cheered, danced and clapped. This had been published by Lovin Malta last month.

Asked about the asylum seekers on board the private vessels chartered by the government, Delia once again stressed that saving lives whether at sea or on land remained paramount. He however insisted that the European Union should do more in this case as Malta was already doing its part. Delia maintained that on one hand we should protect people’s lives but on the other hand one could not open the floodgates to migration. Again, he mentioned that those who do not qualify for asylum should be deported home.

Delia also mentioned the strain on resources, saying that Malta’s asylum system was overwhelmed.

Malta declared it had closed its ports to migrant landings amid the coronavirus pandemic. The government had said that resources were strained and could not guarantee salvage to migrants crossing from Libya. Some of the individuals being held offshore have been at sea for more than 40 days.

Delia was also asked about the inquiry into P52 crew, the brigadier and the Prime Minister after Repubblika filed two criminal complaints. In a government statement, the Office of the Prime Minister said the report threw out allegations of voluntary homicide by the Prime Minister, the AFM commander, and the P52 crew.

Delia said that while the inquiry was concluded within a month, he wondered why other criminal inquiries have gone for years on end. He remarked that it was a pity that the courts did not act fast in other situations.