Watch: Government chose not to consult with us on Venice Commission proposals, Delia says

The Government has chosen not to involve the Opposition in the drafting of the final document which was sent to the Venice Commission, Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said during an interview with journalist Rebekah Cilia from the Malta Independent.

During the interview which was aired on the party media on Saturday, Delia spoke about the proposals put forward by the government to the Venice Commission, migration, the coronavirus pandemic and the party.

The Opposition leader noted that despite there was a specific forum set up where the government and opposition would discuss the necessary constitutional reform, when it came to the final document, the Government chose to send its proposals without consulting with the Opposition or informing the President.

Delia said that while the Opposition was cooperating with the Government on the issue of good governance, it has chosen to leave the Opposition out. Speaking about the agreement reached on the appointment of Mr Justice Mark Chetcuti as the new Chief Justice, Delia said that this was an emergency measure since his predecessor’s term was coming to an end.

“The Government has to understand that this is not a partisan issue. It needs to understand that the time to change direction is now and we do not afford to make any mistakes since the country’s reputation is at stake,” Delia maintained.

Asked whether the airport should be reopened with travel corridors in place with countries that have successfully controlled the coronavirus outbreak, Delia said that the party has requested a meeting with the Superintendent of Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci. He explained that the party heeds to the advice by the health authorities and before calling for measures to be reintroduced, the party will first seek a clarification from Prof. Gauci since there seems to be an increase in the number of coronavirus cases detected.

Video: Facebook / Adrian Delia