Watch: Delia says net position stands at €2 million

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PN Leader answers questions on due-diligence report

Incumbent PN Leader Adrian Delia said that his present net position (total assets minus total liabilities) stands at around €2 million. 

This was said during an interview Delia coordinated with journalists from several media houses following the publication of the due diligence report.

During the interview, Delia discussed his financial situation. He remarked that as opposed to reports in the media insisting that he holds €600,000 worth of debt, his net position stands at €1.988 million. The PN Leader condemned those news agencies which, according to him, hid documents so that he appears to be in a “distressed financial situation”.  He emphasized that the scope of the due-diligence test was to create “clean politicians with full transparency”. 

Talking about his revenue streams and tax evasion allegations, Delia insisted that his taxable income exceeded the €1 million mark over the span of five years. Hence, he added, over €280,000 in taxes were filed for the same period. Referring to a company in the real estate sector, which he has 9% ownership of, Delia revealed that it currently holds a bank balance of €250,000. This, Delia added, excludes the value of the properties which have already been bought yet not sold.

Further pressed about his tax situation by another journalist, the Opposition Leader said that in 2018, he had paid all his taxes that were due. The taxes that were allegedly not yet filed relate to the same year’s income. He also added that the reason for this was due to his separation. Currently, out of the €280,154 taxes filed within the last five years, €63,763 are still due. “The reason why this amount was not paid is not due to a financial situation, but a legal one,” he continued.

Was the due-diligence report biased?

When asked whether the due-diligence report was biased, since only two pages of the report were focused on Bernard Grech while the rest focused solely on him, Delia insisted that it merely a result from holding more years in the public eye and scrutinisation from the media. 

Delia also ensured that he had no control over the compilation of the report.

Will Delia accept PN members that voted for no-confidence?

When asked whether he would be willing to welcome Party members that opted for a no-confidence vote against him, Delia said that he will be evaluating whether their lack of confidence was caused by misinformation or not. 

However, if he realises that these persons were in fact spreading misinformation and lies against him, Delia ensured that he will not be showing them any support.

What if Delia loses?

If Delia was to lose the PN Leadership election, he would still be willing to serve in any role required by the party. He added that although he was not seeking a specific role, he is determined to “keep on giving everything” he can.

Different allegations

When pushed about the allegations of profiting from prositution, Delia insisted that in this type of situation, there are many middlemen involved, of whom were investigated yes found not guilty. Delia rheotically asked how is it possible that the only person profiting from the scenario is himself, the property’s landlord’s lawyer.

He was also questioned on a business deal with Boris Arcidiacono when he was Birkirkara’s football coach, and about the several no-confidence votes which arose in the past months. To all of which, Delia insisted that he can go through them one by one in order to eliminate any generalisation.

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Additional reporting by Joseph Giordimaina