Watch: I will never give up, Delia says after reconfirmation

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that he would not give up after he was reconfirmed Leader of the Opposition by President George Vella.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, the President said that Delia would stay on as Leader of the Opposition. The decision was taken in spite of the Nationalist leader losing a confidence vote in the Opposition’s parliamentary group.

In a lengthy statement explaining the rational behind the decision, the President said that while he is satisfied that Delia does not enjoy the trust of the majority of the opposition, the constitutional interpretation given to him by lawyers led him to this decision.

Addressing the party supporters through the party’s media, Delia said that he kept silent not because he did not have anything to say, but because the role demands that he is cautious.

The embattled party leader maintained that he will continue ‘fighting’ corruption saying that the government was held hostage by a group of criminals. He said that Prime Minister Robert Abela had his hands tied and could not take any decisions in favour of the country’s interest.

He stressed that he would do his best and work more than ever before.

Thousands “hurt”

The PN leader said that thousands of party supporters had been hurt by the ongoing internal PN crisis. “The wound needs to be stitched,” he said without elaborating further. He stressed that more work needs to be done.

‘We need to truly work together. We need to succeed in the areas were the government is failing. There is only one party that can offer a real alternative government. The Partit Laburista administration has failed as a workers’ party,’ Delia said on Monday.

“I will never give up”

Delia said that he will never give up, stressing that he could not abdicate from his duties. He remarked that the party needs to continue persuading the electorate.

PN welcomes President’s decision

Partit Nazzjonalista has welcomed President George Vella’s decision by which he refrained on removing Delia as Opposition Leader. The party said that according to its statute the party leader should occupy the role of Opposition Leader.

PN urged all those who love their country to continue scrutinizing the government and fight corruption.

“The party welcomes the President’s appeal in favour of the country’s stability,” the party said in a statement on Monday afternoon.