Watch: Delia challenges Muscat to a debate

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia has challenged Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat to a debate on Friday. Speaking during a political activity as part of the election campaign on Monday, Delia challenged Muscat to a ‘discussion’ on popular prime time show Xarabank.
PN’s manifesto is clearly pro-life
Addressing party supporters, the Nationalist leader said that the PN manifesto was clearly in favour of protecting life. He explained that the manifesto obliges MEPs elected on behalf of the Nationalist Party to be pro-life, from conception until natural death.
According to Delia the S&D manifesto obliges future PL MEPs to support abortion. Delia further claimed that the manifesto was in favour of tax harmonisation thus Malta will no longer have a say over its tax regime reiterating that some 27,000 individuals are employed in the financial sector.
Delia reminded that the PN MEPs have promised to continue their fight against cancer saying that it was not an impossible feat. He explained that the European Union will continue working towards becoming carbon neutral. He explained that by becoming carbon neutral, the bloc will take action against carbon dioxide emissions. Delia further said that inaction will lead to harming the planet beyond repair.
One does not win by threatening others
The Nationalist leader said that one does not win by threatening. According to Delia, the PN can win through the power of arguments and persuasion saying that the PN can bring forth arguments which are not deceitful and which people can understand.
Delia appealed to the public not to polarize themselves further but to analyse the arguments being put forward throughout this election campaign during the remaining 12 days. Delia reiterated that the election will not change the Government but its attitude.
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