Watch: 2 healthcare workers among 6 new coronavirus cases

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Two healthcare workers were among six patients who tested positive for coronavirus after 1,120 swab tests were carried out overnight, the Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci announced on Sunday.

The two healthcare workers aged 25 and 27 work in the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Ward. A 53-year-old patient in the ward who suffered shortness of breath also tested positive after the health authorities carried out swab tests on patients and staff.

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12:55 The eighth question relates to wearing masks outside.

Prof. Gauci says that the virus can be contracted inside and outside. She reminds the public on the importance of social distancing. One may still contract the virus if they're in a distance of less than 2m. Until today, there's no recommendation to wear a mask in public, however, they can do so if they wish.
Monique Agius
12:52 The seventh questions relates to whether swab tests being carried out on migrants who are currently housed on chartered Captain Morgan vessels.

Prof. Gauci says that health authorities have to guarantee health access to all. The health authorities have carried out swab tests on asylum seekers on board Europa II and Bahari. The vulnerable asylum seekers who were brought over to Malta have all tested negative.

The two healthcare workers who tested positive work in the ENT ward.
Monique Agius
12:50 The sixth question relates to the rate of transmission and the percentage of asymptomatic patients.

Prof. Gauci: On the R factor, today's cases have raised the R Factor more than one. However the health authorities use a moving average. The message is clear – the virus is still present in the community.

On asymptomatic cases, the health authorities couldn't tell whether residents at Hal Far were asymptomatic or otherwise. The rate at present stands at 13%.
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12:47 The fifth question relates to whether the authorities would be testing previous pneumonia cases to verify whether the coronavirus had hit the country earlier than the first registered case.

Prof. Gauci speaks about other jurisdictions which lifted restrictive measures too early leading to an adverse effect.
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12:46 The fourth question relates to the situation in Hal Far open centre and elderly at care homes who use a nebuliser.

Prof. Gauci says that a number of individuals are under mandatory quarantine. She notes that no more cases have been registered. She adds that among those recovered are people who are residents at Hal Far open centre.
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12:44 The third question relates to more community testing.

Prof. Gauci says that the authorities are strengthening swabbing. She says that the categories of individuals who could come forward for testing. She warns that by testing the whole population it did not mean that one was virus free but this was just a snapshot.
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12:43 The second question relates to the downward trend in the number of new cases and when will more measures be lifted.

Prof. Gauci says: that when the first measures were lifted, the authorities required a three-week time window to assess the situation. The authorities will assess the situation at the end of next week before lifting any more measures.
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12:42 The first question relates to the use of A/Cs and fans this summer.

Prof. Gauci says that studies are underway. Until now, what we know that the virus is not airborne. It could be airborne in very specific situations. She stresses on the importance of maintenance.
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12:41 Question time!
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12:41 Remember to continue practicing social distancing and avoid meeting with people who we are not usually in contact with, Prof. Gauci reminds the public.
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12:40 Prof. Gauci delivers a brief in English.
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12:39 Prof. Gauci says that as mother she empathises with all mothers in Malta but the best gift this year would be to safeguard each other's health.
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12:38 Most patients are recovering at home.

While eight patients are recovering in hospitals around the island:

St Thomas Hospital – 3
Mater Dei Hospital – 2
Sir Paul Boffa Hospital – 3
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12:34 New case details:

A 48-year-old woman who is mandatory quarantine.

A 51-year-old man who developed symptoms related to coronavirus. Contact tracing currently underway.

A 89-year-old man who is a patient at Karin Grech Hospital and was in the same ward as a patient who died due to coronavirus. The man had tested negative however he had fever yesterday. 15 tests were carried out on patients and 45 healthcare workers were tested, all of which tested negative.

Two healthcare workers working at Mater Dei Hospital.
A 27-year-old woman and a 25-year-old woman who both developed symptoms associated with coronavirus. The authorities carried out 14 tests on staff working in the ward and eight swab tests on patients. One patient, a 53-year-old man, tested positive.
Monique Agius
12:32 Prof. Charmaine Gauci starts addressing the press briefing.

Six individuals have recovered while six new cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours.

A total 1,120 swab tests were carried out.

433 individuals have recovered since the first case was registered in Malta.
Monique Agius
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