Watch: Gozitans should have opportunities in Gozo – Bernard Grech

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A consultation exercise launched for Gozo

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Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Sunday, November 29, 2020

Nationalist Party and Opposition leader Bernard Grech addressed a political activity in Gozo.

‘I want to guarantee the future of Gozitans to be in Gozo by empowering the island into a region with stronger powers’ said PN leader Bernard Grech during a political activity held in hotel, Gozo. 

‘When the Nationalist Party gets stronger, the people will get stronger and the country will get stronger, ‘said Grech. 

He said that the PN will be drawing a socio-economic plan for Gozo with the help of experts. “This will be a plan by Gozitans not just a plan for Gozitans”, emphasised Grech 

The Nationalist Party Leader congratulated Cardinal Mario Grech who on Saturday was made a cardinal by Pope Francis. 

Do not let anyone steal hope – Cardinal Grech tells Consistory
“Do not let anyone steal hope” – Cardinal Grech tells consistory

Self sustainable Gozo 

‘We need a visionary long term plan for both Malta and Gozo together with flexible plans that will lead us for years ahead’ continued Grech. 

The PN leader announced that the Partit Nazzjonalista launched a consultation exercise for Gozo to help the party form a long term policy for Goza as an island region. 

He emphasized the importance of stability and planning adding that Gozo needs a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines how it should be developed in the coming decades. 

Government has failed in making Gozo more accessible – PN
Government has failed in making Gozo more accessible – PN

‘We will not wait for the Government and therefore today I want to announce that I will commission the Party Regional Committee in Gozo to complete within a few months a socio-economic plan in collaboration with Gozitan deputies and with the participation of experts.” 

He said that this plan should analyse Gozitan society today and plan for how this society will develop in the coming years. He envisages that this plan will serve as a basis for the renewal of the policy of the Partit Nazzjonalista in Gozo.  

The plan which will be drawn by Gozitan themselves, said the PN leader and with the objective of conserving Gozo’s beauty, while diversifying the economy and guarantying work for young Gozitans on the island. 

Gozo deserves better 

The PN Leader criticised the Labour Government for changing the Minister for Gozo three times in 7 years. 

‘Robert Abela himself confirmed that this is an incompetent government so much so that he was forced to re-shuffle his cabinet twice in ten months.” 

A further two candidates for PN 

During the activity Dr. Janice Chetcuti introduced herself as 3rd district candidate. She congratulates Alison Bezzina on her appointment as a new Animal Welfare Commissioner 

Alison Bezzina is the new Commissioner for Animal Welfare
Alison Bezzina is the new Commissioner for Animal Welfare

Graham Bencini accountant, is a new candidate for the PN list on the 9 and 10 districts. 

Bencini stated that 17.1% of the population, or 38,000 persons are at poverty risk. 

‘Our economic model is not translating in good quality of life’ said the new PN candidate.