LIVE: At the monument commemorating the emigration of Maltese children into the City

LIVE: Mill-monument li jfakkar it-tfal emigranti Maltin fil-Belt.

Posted by on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

During this activity it is expected that Manfred Rekowski, highest Protestant Church representative in Malta, and Noel Cauchi, highest Christian Church representative in Malta, give their respective speeches. Furthermore,  a member of the SeaWatch crew and the doctor that forms part of SeaWatch will also be present.

A delegation from the German Evangelical Church will be in Malta for three days. This activity is organized by the SeaWatch crew. This association searches for, and rescues, migrants at sea.  It also has an airplane that has not been allowed to fly out from Malta, the Moonbird, and this project is possible due to the German Church’s help, which also helped in its purchasing.

Rekowski described the fact that the plane is forbidden to fly as scandalous. Moonbird is used in searches, and has a better view than the ship owned by the same group.

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