Watch: ‘Marriage is not all rosy, but love gets you through’ – Archbishop Scicluna

‘Marriage is not always a rosy fairy tale, however, with love a couple gets through,’ Archbishop Charles Scicluna told couples who got married last year during a special mass on Saturday afternoon.

A celebration in the form of a Mass for newlyweds was organised by the Cana Movement which was presided over by Archbishop Scicluna at St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta.

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Addressing the couples gathered, Mgr Scicluna referred to Saturday’s liturgy. He explained that in today’s reading is not only a meeting with Jesus but God revealing himself as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Archbishop Scicluna said that God is love.

He urged couples to be there for each, and told them not to keep to themselves but seek to communicate with one another and be present. Archbishop Scicluna stressed on the importance of being present. He referred to the many distractions, one is now surrounded with. ‘We’re drifting apart due to social media,’ Archbishop Scicluna stated, he added that one should regulate one’s use of electronic equipment.

The lack of communication among each other is taking away time from confronting a conflict, Mgr Scicluna explained. He said that in the past, one would use sticky notes on a fridge, now they would resort to posting statuses on social media or sending messages.

‘We need to assess if this form of communication is bringing us together or driving us apart,’ Archbishop Scicluna told the congregation.

‘Make your marriage a beautiful loving environment’

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Addressing the couples who got married in 2019, Archbishop Scicluna said that they should strive to make their marriage a beautiful loving environment. Suffering and arguments can be resolved with love, love will help you live through such episodes he highlighted. The couples were reminded that there is also the support of the community which is ready to help them with their burden.

‘You’re called to live love in full, and to provide a loving environment for the fruit of your love,’ Archbishop Scicluna said. He added that they are also called to accompany the fruit through all the seasons of life.

Archbishop Scicluna called on the couples to be present for one another on each level. He highlighted that while the chores may wear us down, it was better to do the washing up rather than throw plates at each other. ‘With our prayers and the community’s support, I wish that your life is full of love,’ he said.

He thanked the congregation for coming to mass on this wintry day.

A mass for couples who are getting married in 2020 was celebrated last Saturday.

The two celebrations were organised by the Cana Movement.