Watch: The washing of feet is an example of love and devotion – Archbishop

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Archbishop Charles Scicluna has washed the feet of 16 people including widows, parents, married couples, separated people and former drug addicts, as part of the solemn commemoration of the Lord’s Supper held at the Cathedral of St John.

The Archbishop explained the significance of washing of the feet as an example of the exercise of love and giving without want of receiving in return.

The solemn commemoration began after sunset with the celebration recognising the establishment of the Eucharist and Ministerial institutions as the primary bodies of the Church spreading the word of God.

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In his homily the Archbishop explained the significance of the washing of the feet. He told those gathered that one can understand the gesture in terms of the passing on Friday and the Resurrection on Sunday.

Quoting from the bible, he recounted the story of Peter who did not understand the profound significance of the washing of the feet that the Lord had done with his disciples.

The Archbishop asked why Jesus said these words to Peter, saying that the deeper significance makes sense and one can truly understand after Good Friday and Easter has come and passed. He went on to explain that this was Jesus’ example to us and also a reminder that he died on the cross of his life for us.

The Archbishop Scicluna, recalled Jesus’ life with death and his resurrection, and spoke about the love of Jesus and explained how he loved up until his last breath. He said that this is the type of love that the Church requires when teaching faithfulness in Christian marriage, as well as when priests are encouraged to be faithful to their mission. He stated that this is the kind of example that must drive every person called upon for any kind of vocation, from the most humble to the highest of vocations, this is still a vocation.

Need to remember these words…

The Archbishop stressed that one should remember the words of Jesus whenever they are losing patience with each other, whenever one is about to get angry at another person and whenever one is serving and feels entitled, among other examples. It was here that the Archbishop invited those gathered together to pray for the Lord to remind thus whenever the temptation is to think higher of oneself and forgetting that he is a servant.

‘We remember those who are far’

In his homily, the Archbishop Scicluna said that today is the day of those Christians who feel far from Jesus, from the sacraments and the Eucharist, because of hard circumstances in life.

Archbishop Scicluna delivers Homily on Maundy Thursday

Archbishop Charles Scicluna is delivering his homily as part of The Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday.

This is part of a special Mass commemorating the institutions of the Eucharist and Ministerial Priesthood, within the context of the Easter Triduum.

The liturgy will be recognised in four stages, 1) Liturgy of the Word, 2) Washing of the Feet, 3) Liturgy of the Eucharist, 4) Procession to the place of Eucharistic Adoration.

Following the Homily, Archbishop will wash the feet of 12 people from the community which is a special sign remembering the command of Jesus to his disciples.

It shows the positive and charitable attitude that people should show towards each-other.

You can follow the event in the link below from 6PM.