Watch: Archbishop speaks of motherly love, spells out 3 phrases for marriage

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Archbishop Charles Scicluna spoke about Jesus’ first performed miracle at the wedding of Cana pointing out that the mother is always behind her son. He also focused on the three most important words in marriage, “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” while celebrating Mass for couples to be wed in 2019 at the Co-Cathedral of St John in Valletta earlier today.

About the miracle of Cana, the Archbishop said that it shows motherly caring considering Mary realised that the newlyweds needed help. She then asked her Son to help, pushing him to make the first step, showing that she was not only behind Jesus, but also followed his steps, watching over with love, which echoes mothers’ roles in their offspring’s life in general.

Mgr. Scicluna also pointed out that Mary also follows married couples, encouraging them to ‘invite’ her to their wedding. He praised couple who chose to start their married lives in front of God. “This is not a cheap decision. Not because of money, but because of its profound significance and above all which you are committing to. You chose to receive the sacrament and give it to each other with your consent,” the Archbishop told the congregation.

Photos: Curia –

Archbishop Scicluna also spoke about how priest’s blessing is a seal on their consent, but he also said that it is their consent that makes the sacrament and not the flowers. He said that couples say “yes” to a life committed to each other. He added that marriage is an act of faith in themselves and in the Church’s community. The Archbishop also said that they have a right to receive all the help they need from the Church.

Mgr. Scicluna encourage coupled to prepare for marriage in a spiritual way and, while understanding that this is a busy time, he said that couples must spend time together praying in front of God. He also spoke about the importance of the sacraments of confession and communion, adding that they should pray to God that their partners remain theirs for the rest of their lives, as well as welcoming children as a gift.

He suggested that they should learn three words for their marriage: ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Sorry’. The first phrase when one asks for something, the second to give thanks, and the third to ask for forgiveness with humility. Mgr. Scicluna also asked couples to prepare for marriage, rather than only for their wedding, adding that married couples will be a sign of hope to the world.