Watch: ‘Our existence starts at conception in the womb’ – Archbishop

The Archbishop of Malta reiterated that our existence starts at conception in the mother’s womb while explaining that Christmas is a time to celebrate childbirth. This was part of a larger appeal to focus on the more important aspects of festivities, rather than thinking about decorations only.

This was during the Archbishop’s midnight mass homily, where Mgr. Scicluna added that the birth of a child is both a sign of hope, as well as an invitation for more responsibility. He also explained that the Gospel according to St Luke insists on historical details, hence it is about events, rather than stories.

As part of these historic details, St Luke mentions Emperor Augustus Caesar. In the context of the Empire announced by the Pax Romana, peace was imposed by a military system and human power, but God intervened and offered a different sort of peace. Although the Gospel starts with Caesar, it ends with the angels’ good news of glory to God, and peace to mankind.

Mgr. Scicluna said that it is good for one to work towards a better world, and while Malta is currently benefiting from economic growth, we should do our best to lend a hand to those in need. The Archbishop also appealed to the congregation to avoid idolatry of thinking that we can bring forth true peace in our hearts ourselves, or with modern technology.

The Archbishop added that the birth of Christ in the world is a gift, like every other child born. Mgr. Scicluna said that one understands that the largest gift announced with His birth and His resurrection is peace. With the birth of a child, God is telling us to pray for peace and that He wants to place it in our hearts and our society.