Watch: Archbishop celebrates the 150th anniversary of Sisters of Charity in Malta

Archbishop Scicluna thanked the Sisters of Charity for their work and said that their work is truly invaluable when there are not enough sisters to provide their services and the Church or the state will have to jump in to help. He said this during a celebratory mass on the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Charity’s establishment in Malta at St John’s co-Cathedral in Valletta.

Mons. Scicluna explained that the Sisters of Charity were always present were needed both in Malta and around the World. He also said that he discussed with the Mother Superior on the need for more vocations and on how many women gave up their worldly life to dedicate themselves to the poverty that existed 150 years ago and whilst Progress might bring negatives as well, God is always providing generous souls.

“Fighting for social justice is not a waste of time”

Archbishop Scicluna also touched on the issue of social justice and said that a true follower of Christ should not find such an exercise as a waste of time as it will result in progress, human dignity and gender equality.

He also explained to those present that at the beginning of another liturgical year we are joining together inviting God to be amongst us. He said that this call has deeper meaning at the beginning of advent. Mons. Scicluna said that many tend to forget that we have to prepare for then celebrate Christmas. He also explained that the end is not a true end but a transformation which one has to work for during works one’s life.

The Arcbishop said that he admired people who might not be of the catholic faith but that strive for just human progress for a better future for humanity.