Watch: ‘Christ’s light can overcome our darkness’ – Archbishop

Ritratt minn Ian Noel Pace

The Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna reminded all that the hope of Christmas is to not let Christ’s light be overcome by darkness. Mgr Scicluna also started his Christmas homily by referencing St Ġorġ Preca’s maxim of ‘Verbum Dei Caro Factum Est’.

This was said while celebrating the Pontifical Mass in the Solemnity of the Birth of Jesus Christ at the Co-cathedral of St John in Valletta.

The Archbishop remembered how “Verbum dei caro factum est” was seen everywhere on public transport and in people’s homes. It was a culture which St Ġorġ Preca made sure to emphasise to reflect that Christ became man.

Many times, Mgr Scicluna explained, the word ‘light’ is what stands out in the Gospel according to St John, with the focus being on the light shines in the darkness which will not be overcome. Today, according to the Archbishop, we rejoice in the light of Christ because it is a response to the darkness in our lives which sometimes overcomes us.

Concluding his brief message, the Archbishop finished by saying, “Let us allow Jesus in in those rusty corners of our lives where darkness reigns. Let us bring the light of Jesus to those dark corners of our lives. Dark corners of vice, of sin, of indulgence. Let us bring His light of mercy, wisdom, comfort and healing. This is the hope of Christmas. The light of Jesus that overcomes our darkness.”