Watch: Delia accuses Abela of risking the lives of many to gain political points

Nationalist Party and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that Prime Minister Robert Abela chose to risk the lives of many to be able to gain political points.

The PN leader stated this during an interview on the party’s media, on Sunday, while discussing the government’s decision to disembark 425 migrants in Malta, late Saturday afternoon.

Adrian Delia said that there is a plan in place on a European level to tackle the migration crisis and he appealed to PM Abela to engage in talks with the Opposition to voice Malta’s concerns and limitations to tackle the migration crisis.

Former Police Chief must be sacked from current post – Delia

Following the allegations against former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, the PN leader said that the Police must immediately investigate Cutajar and that he must be sacked from his post as a consultant within the Home Affairs Ministry.

Adrian Delia referred to allegations that the middleman in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination, Melvin Theuma may have been tipped off of his arrest by the former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar.

The PN leader said that it is unacceptable to live in a society where the Police Chief protects the corrupt.

“Govt should stop creating confusion and tension”

Businesses are facing enormous financial pressures and the government has the duty to provide answers to their worries said Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia.

On the extraordinary budget to be announced tomorrow, the PN leader said that first, the government said a mini-budget will be presented and in just 48 hours it was said that a financial package will be launched. This has created confusion and further tension amongst the business community stated Delia.

The PN leader said he is worried if the government is really understanding the financial difficulties families are going through and urged the government to continue providing financial assistance or create measures aimed at assisting families and the most vulnerable.

He also mentioned the 11,000 people who lost their job due to the pandemic. The PN leader said that these are families who need a solution, who need alternative employment. Adrian Delia said the government has abandoned these individuals but the PN, the Opposition is committed at identifying work opportunities for these people.

“Let us phase out tribalism in politics which corrupts democracy” -Delia

Regarding the 14 thematic expert groups launched on Friday, Adrian Delia said that these are aimed at providing a vision for the country.

On Friday PN leader announced the clusters as part of a restructuring plan undertaken by the PN.

The fourteen thematic clusters stem out of four pillars – a socio-economic vision for 2030 which will be coordinated by MP Claudio Grech, humane values in a modern society which will be coordinated by Claudette Buttigieg, good governance which will be coordinated by Karol Aquilina and outreach which will be coordinated by Roberta Metsola.

On Sunday, Adrian Delia said that this is a step ahead which will help us identify better our challenges and opportunities to strive. This also proves that the PN is committed to providing a better future for the country, said Delia.

He also said that the aim of these thematic groups is to phase out the idea of tribalism in politics which unfortunately corrupts democracy, explained Adrian Delia.