Watch: Govt has no credibility to face EU over migration crisis – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nationalist Party and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that Prime Minister Robert Abela does not have the credibility required to deal on behalf of our country with the European Union, a strategy aimed at addressing the migration crisis.

Adrian Delia stated this while interviewed on Saturday morning by Times of Malta Journalist Keith Micallef, on the PN ‘s media.

The PN leader also stated that Prime Minister Abela is using a retaliation tactic towards the European institutions on the matter and that he has doubts on how effective this tactic is.

Adrian Delia said that he is convinced that the politics of persuasion is the way forward for our country to find a solution and to seek co-operation on the migration crisis.

Is the government’s strategy based on hiring a flotilla of ships with migrants to leave outside our ports? Asked Delia who also compared the labour’s strategy to increase the population to enhance the economy but at the same time, the country does not have space to offer a safe port to migrants in distress.

When asked about Advocate Charles Mercieca who was employed at the Office of the Attorney General and is now assisting Yorgen Fenech in court proceedings, the PN leader said that it is worrying that a lawyer within the Attorney General’s Office makes the move of assisting a person accused of complicity in murdering a journalist.

Adrian Delia was also asked about the PN’s internal situation and how he now has two internal critics elected to Parliament; David Thake and Ivan Bartolo. Delia replied that the party is managing to create various groups to discuss specific economic sectors and to formulate proposals which will eventually be discussed as there are around 100,000 employees who do not know what will happen to their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adrian Delia said the PN had the duty to address their issues.

He then described Prime Minister’s decision to consult with former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the economic future for Malta, as a problem. “Joseph Muscat was voted at the most corrupt person in 2019”- said the PN leader Adrian Delia.