PN announces measures in response to coronavirus


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Dan huwa mument fejn irridu naħdmu lkoll flimkien bħala pajjiż. L-Oppożizzjoni tressaq proposti konkreti u terġa’ titlob lill-Gvern biex tikkontribwixxi biex inkunu ppreparati aħjar għall-ġid komuni ta’ Malta u Għawdex. Nindirizza konferenza tal-aħbarijiet fuq l-aħħar żviluppi dwar il-Coronavirus.

Posted by Adrian Delia on Thursday, March 12, 2020

The leader of the Opposition and of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia said that the government should take all the necessary measures so that our economy is not hit hard by the effects of coronavirus.

During a press conference at the PN’s headquarters, Adrian Delia said that the PN is proposing the government to consider: quarantine leave for all those working the in the public sector and also within private companies and the possibility for all workers to work from home.

PN Leader Adrian Delia said that the public has the right to be informed continuously with the latest updates on coronavirus cases reported in Malta and it is not acceptable that little information is provided to the public and the media. Delia also said that in view of the serious concerns people need to feel safe and prepared for every eventuality.

He also said that although the government did not want the Opposition to form part of the committee appointed on coronavirus, the Nationalist Party formed an internal task force to evaluate the situation locally and on an international level.

The PN leader said that prior to the press conference held at Castille addressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela, the Opposition had already issued a statement that education institutions should close as a temporary measure. Adrian Delia said that in such a situation it is imperative that the government takes immediate actions and not decisions as a reaction.

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