Watch: Use of business jet has opened a Pandora’s Box – Adrian Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that the roles of those who are taking decisions in the Planning Authority are being blurred with the roles of those politically responsible. He was speaking to the media in a news conference in front of the buildings of the Planning Authority following the scandal regarding the use of business jet for a member of the Planning Authority to vote on the dB Group development in Pembroke.

The project was approved by the Planning Authority on the 20th September after 10 voted in favour and 4 were against it. Delia said that if the member was indispensable, alternative arrangements should have been made. He said that the declaration made by the PA CEO Johan Buttigieg that such a decision would not be repeated since the political masters disapproved, was serious in that it was not clear whether the decisions in the Authority were taken by the Board or at other levels. He said that questions about details on payment and details on how the money in the Authority is spent, should be answered by the Authority and by government. ‘This has opened a Pandora’s Box,’ said Delia.

On Tuesday 25th September, revealed that Jacqueline Gili, member of the board arrived in Malta 12 hours prior the meeting in a business private jet and voted in favour of the ‘monstrous’ Pembroke project after not saying a word during the 6-hour meeting. Despite Air Malta flights available for €210, she flew to Malta in a private jet, worth €8,750.

Delia had already said that an “independent inquiry” is necessary and told that Minister Ian Borg is responsible for the Planning Authority and should answer questions about the private jet which brought the member of the board of the PA to Malta.