PM ready to let go of some of his powers

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Robert Abela said that the Prime Minister is ready to let go of some of his powers.

In a press conference given right after the swearing in ceremony of the new government, the PM spoke proudly of his newly formed government, calling it “the most efficient government which will give results.” He said that the government is comprised of new blood, new energy and a youthful element, after having given a cabinet role to all the young Members of Parliament on the Partit Laburista side.

He said his new cabinet is not just for the two coming years, but for the whole generation. He declared the government as ready to face difficulties the future might offer.

The government’s main priorities are the environment, as well as the economy. With regards to the latter, the Prime Minister said that the economy’s going well, but there is more to be done. Abela said that there must be balance between development and the environment.

Abela also reflected on the three female MPs all being given a role in Cabinet. He said that this reflects the Government’s intent to push forward equal rights for men and for women, and equal representation of women in politics. Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said in recent weeks that not managing to complete this reform is one of his regrets.

When asked about the recent developments in the investigation of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, Abela said that he’s committed to letting the authorities work independently without any interference. He said that he is intent on not repeating past mistakes and on emphasising good governance. He insisted that he believes in discipline.

Asked about Chris Cardona no longer making part of the government, Abela said that the deliberations leading up to the decisions he made when forming the government should be kept to himself, but his actions were in the country’s best interest.

The cabinet was sworn in in a ceremony on Wednesday afternoon in the President’s Palace.