Watch: Post-coronavirus world will see mix of teleworking and traditional work

Photo by: Unsplash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A post-coronavirus world will see a mix of teleworking and traditional work, Partit Laburista Robert Abela said during a virtual interview which saw various workers taking their turn at asking the Labour leader. The special programme was aired on Partit Laburista’s media outlets to mark Labour Day.

A MITA security consultant, an assistant head, a police officer, a farmer and a pensioner were among the interviewers.

Replying to a question by the security consultant, Abela remarked that there were several frontliners who worked behind the scenes and the public was not aware of their work. He noted that MITA was involved in the creation of new government platforms which helped in continuing certain work online. Abela noted that despite the restrictive measures implemented to curb the virus, measures were taken to ensure continuity in different sectors.

He remarked that in a post-coronavirus scenario, the world is going to transit into a new reality where businesses have adapted to teleworking. For the Labour leader, the post-coronavirus world will see businesses keeping traditional work and implementing teleworking procedures.

During the interview, Abela said that the government was committed to protecting agriculture and fisheries in his reply to a farmer who asked why was the need felt to create a ministry for the sector. Abela stressed that the government was committed to taking care of these sectors and will continue working in favour of both on a European level.

Abela also explained that the government was looking at gradually lifting off the restrictive measures in place. In his reply to a question by a Gozo Channel Captain who asked him how does he feel about the economy restarting again, Abela said that Malta could have implemented more drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus, instead it opted to respond with “proportionate” measures according to the situation. He explained that once the pandemic is over, the government will assess the success of the measures both from a health perspective as well as from an economic perspective.