Watch: Abela calls out those who flocked to the beach as “irresponsible”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela has called out those individuals who flocked to the beach following the mandatory 11pm closure of bars as “irresponsible”.

Speaking a party activity on Sunday which was held in St Francis Square, Victoria, Abela said that those individuals who flocked to the beach after the closure of bars were acting irresponsibly.

The government has time and time again pronounced itself against a lockdown or a partial lockdown. The surge in new coronavirus infections led to new measures being introduced including the closure of bars and restaurants at 11pm and the necessary use of masks outside one’s home.

Abela stressed the situation is under control adding that one has to remain vigilant. He added that everyone should act responsibly in order to contain the spread.

Speaking about teleworking, Abela said that certain government departments will be modified following complaints that some departments stopped employees from teleworking.

The PL leader also commented on remarks made by Opposition leader Bernard Grech, saying that the current situation cannot be addressed through the creation of a committee. At the same time, Abela took a dig at Grech saying that the Nationalist Party held an internal leadership race during a pandemic.

Abela said that he is proud on how he led the country through the pandemic, adding that on Tuesday he will show what the government is doing for the people.

The Prime Minister compared the global pandemic to the 2009 financial crisis and Malta’s response in both situations. He remarked that the government prepared the “best budget in history” to address the situation.