Watch: PM Abela confirms loss of income amongst sectors of society

Updated 07:39 PM

Abela claimed that the government managed to solve issues such as migration and rule of law, thanking education strike-breakers for their commitment.

Robert Abela

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he kept back from being negative in the past months so that people could feel a positive vibe. He confirmed that sectors in society in the past months have lost financial liquidity and that individuals had their income decreased during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed a political event in a hotel at Mellieħa.

The event comes less then 24 hours from the highest new daily Covid-19 cases.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that results show that Malta managed to gain back the reputation with international agencies. In the past months, said the leader of the party in government, it reformed a country law by law. He said that the results prove that what has been promised is being given to society.

Abela claimed that the government managed to solve issues such as migration, rule of law and revamp the Malta Police force into an efficient one. The decisions government took during the pandemic kept Malta in a balance said the Prime Minister, a balance between social aspect, economic and health the areas the pandemic affected.

Students and part-timers such as pensioners have lost their employment because of the pandemic said PM Abela. The PM said that the financial packages safeguard jobs that otherwise would have been lost. Preventing our young ones from social interaction would have been tragic said Robert Abela in reference to re-opening of schools.

Abela said, that the government has been taking all the necessary measures for the safety of all students and staff. The Prime Minister thanked the strike-breakers for reporting for work. “This country will be amongst the first to return to business as usual, and fast,” said Abela. He said that the targets are to restart the economy and return to normality. Incentives will be launched to make sure of an economic restart, said Abela.

The Prime Minister declared that he wants to see more Maltese products breaking into international markets.

The last months we faced a massive storm – Fearne

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for HealthChris Fearne said that 85% of the countries in the world still do not have the anti-covid vaccine. Fearne said that it is easy to sail in calm seas. However, he noted, that seamanship comes out when one faces the storms. During the last months, the world faced a massive storm the Labour Deputy leader declared.

In difficult times its important to keep assisting the most vulnerable, he said.

Fearne thanked all the health professionals for their efforts. He said that we managed were other countries failed. The MInister for Health said that the health agencies in other countries are overwhelmed and risking collapse.

Issues that make people vulnerable need to be tackled – Cutajar

MEP Josianne Cutajar welcomed the credit rating given by DBRS agency given to Malta. A rating that witnesses the government’s success in handling the pandemic.

Cutajar reminded that all issues that had made people vulnerable prior to Covid-19 to continue being discussed. The pandemic revealed more issues and unveiled vulnerable people at their most difficult times the MEP said.