Watch: Behind each Covid-19 death there’s a person, Abela says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Behind every coronavirus-related death reported, there is a person and their family, Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela said on Sunday while addressing a party event at PL’s headquarters. He maintained that irrespective of the person’s age or whether the person had underlying conditions, he was saddened by each death.

To date, the pandemic has claimed a total of 111 lives in Malta.

Abela urged the public to show solidarity and to act in the interest of the common good. He urged people not to be selfish and to take into consideration the needs of vulnerable individuals in our society.

Prime Minister Abela said that he is hopeful that by next year, Malta will have the vaccine and then we can go back to normality. Abela said that the government is working to ensure that Malta is among the first countries to receive the vaccine once the candidate shots are approved and produced for global consumption. He urged the public to adhere to the coronavirus regulations and measures, saying that one should not give up now with a possible vaccine around the corner.

Abela compared the local situation to that of other countries, where the health care systems are not coping with the patients being hospitalized due to the outbreak. He singled out France and Italy. Abela also reflected on the approach taken by Malta, saying that the government did not opt for austerity measures and has kept unemployment under control through job retention measures.

An average of eight people a day find new employment, Abela told party supporters despite the ongoing pandemic which has had devastating effects on the economy. He observed that Malta had a different trend that the rest of the eurozone states that were recording an increase in unemployment. He maintained that this trend was due to various investment measures taken by the government to safeguard businesses and retain jobs.

On the cabinet reshuffle, Abela said that as from tomorrow, the “youthful” cabinet will continue its work. He noted that there are more women in the cabinet. He also observed that there are three ministers from Gozo.