9 new cases of coronavirus – 3 local transmissions

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

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Posted by Newsbook.com.mt on Monday, March 16, 2020

Nine new coronavirus cases have been confirmed by the Health Authorities on Monday. 3 of the new cases were transmitted locally and 6 were imported.

The number of coronavirus cases in Malta is now 30.

The imported cases are; a 26-year-old Maltese woman who travelled to the United Kingdom, a 36-year-old Maltese man who was on holiday in Barcelona, a 15-year-old boy from Spain who was on holiday in Malta, an Italian woman who travelled to Rome, she is 49-years-old, an English woman who arrived in Malta on the 13th of March and a 19-year-old Maltese man who travelled to Dublin.

Prof. Charmaine Gauci gave also details on the locally transmitted cases. She said that two cases involve healthcare workers. She said that these two were observing self-quarantine after they made contact with another healthcare worker, a Maltese, who tested positive to coronavirus after returning to Malta from abroad.

The other locally transmitted case is a 23-year-old woman.

Prof. Gauci said that both had minimum contact with patients.

The third locally transmitted case is also a healthcare worker but authorities have not yet established from where the person contracted the virus.

The Superintendent of Public Health confirmed that one of the three locally transmitted cases, the person was in Gozo but did not contract the virus there.

During the press conference, the Superintendent of Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci said that all cases are constantly being monitored and their close contacts are also being monitored.

In the meantime, in a press statement, Gozo Minister, Clint Camilleri confirmed what Prof. Gauci said during the press conference that one of the persons positive to coronavirus was transported from Gozo to Mater Dei Hospital as special arrangements were made to operate a trip, from Gozo to Malta.

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