Listen: Stay at home during this feast, Prof. Gauci urges public

professor charmaine gauci
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci has urged the public to stay home on St Joseph’s feast. She warned that although it may be a sunny day people should avoid congregating outside. The public has been asked to practice social distancing in a bid to slow down the spreading of the novel coronavirus within the community.

Schools, bars and restaurants were among the various institutions which were closed down. While the country is not yet on lockdown, the public has been asked to avoid non-essential travel.

Speaking during the Breakfast Show aired on 103, Professor Gauci said that there will be those who will defy the instructions and go out just the same. She urged such people to be cautious and to only go out with their families and avoid coming into contact with other families. Professor Gauci highlighted that if one disregards the measures being implemented forgetting the current situation, all efforts being undertaken to contain the virus will be undermined.

Addressing the elderly, Professor Gauci urged them not to leave their homes. She warned that the elderly who are most at risk, would be placing themselves in danger of contracting the virus even when going to the grocery store or supermarket. The government has rolled out a number of services to assist the elderly and people who are under mandatory quarantine. These services include delivery of food and medicines.

Professor Gauci said that healthcare workers were happy that the public was showing its appreciation towards their work referring to a recent nationwide standing ovation. However, she pointed out, that their work is acknowledged and appreciated when everyone cooperates with the various directives being given by the health authorities.

She said that we have a long road ahead of us, however the precautionary measures are necessary so as to ensure that frontliners do not get infected as well.

Working around the clock

The number of swab tests being carried out have increased, Professor Gauci explained. Once the authorities have the results in hand, patients who test positive for coronavirus are isolated and the health authorities start contact tracing.

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