Listen: Recycled waste collection to continue in Gozo – Herrera

From comments given to this newsroom by the Environment Minister Jose Herrera Gozo would not end up without any recycled waste collection, even though the provider was asking for payment to collect the grey recycling bags, empty the bring-in sites and collect glass bottles.

Għarb Mayor said that the Local Council did not have the money to allocate from its budget to provide such a service in comments he gave to

In his replies to this newsroom, Herrera explained that the recycled waste collection was provided for at law. He explained that the collection was regulated by the Environment and Resource Authority, ERA, and that Gozo would never end up in a situation where its recycled waste would not be collected. also asked whether the Government had a plan B in case waste collection had to stop. Herrera reiterated that in such cases WasteServ would have to step in.

GreenPak reacts

GreenPak reiterated that it would continue providing its service free of charge to some 41 local councils. GreenPak and Green MT provide door-to-door collection of recycable waste, however the latter would start charging local councils for the service provided according to reports that appeared in the local media.