Listen: “Old persons are victims of greed” – Bishop Grech

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech said that there are retirement homes where “old persons are victims of greed” as those who manage such places

Mons. Grech was replying to the questions asked by Fr Jose Borg during Newsbook Hour on Radio 103. Fr Borg read excerpt from the Bishop’s pastoral letter on the occasion of the feast of Santa Marija which discusses relationships and their joy.

During the radio programme, Bishop Grech explained that a lot of good exists, however greed turned the good into painful.

“Where is the Standards Council?”

Mons. Mario Grech asked why the Standards Council does not intervene as in his opinion there are elderly persons that are not living in a dignified manner in such institutions. He added that these situations are also present in places where retired persons pay good money.

“Parked in wheelchairs”

The Bishop explained that some of these elderly persons seem like they have been deposited in these homes to wait for their deaths. He gave the example of how at 10 in the morning, elderly persons are parked in halls on wheelchairs, in front of a television just waiting for lunchtime.

“Mistreated because of inheritance”

When asked to comment about the abandonment of elderly persons, Bishop Grech said that the issue is nothing short of a double edged sword. He said there are cases were old people are abandoned by their relatives in care homes. He also said that there are others are incarcerated in homes cut off from anyone else because of inheritance.

“Lack of just remuneration”

Mons. Grech also talked on what he described as “new slavery”, especially in relationship to foreign workers. He said that there are various forms of ill-treatment from employers that also includes work conditions and the minimum wage, just so that the employer gains €200 instead of €100.

The Bishop said that his greatest worry is when such employers are persons that go to church.

In another part of the interview, Mons. Mario Grech said that it pains him to see Italian deputy Prime Minister and Internal Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini with a rosary in his hand.