Listen: “My husband was placed in a cell with infected inmates”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

An inmate’s wife expressed her sorrow and frustration at the way her husband is being treated at Corradino Correctional Facilities, including being placed in a cell with Covid-19-infected inmates. He was caught stealing to sustain his addiction.

Marija*, during an interview with that her husband was immediately confined in Division 6, a division she described to be the “punishment division”. She stated that the stories he had to tell her after only 4 days of imprisonment were “horrific”.

What happened?

  • He was placed in a cell with other inmates infected with Covid-19.
  • Prisoners were left in their cells and without protective wear in instances of cell fumigation. This resulted in symptoms in their respiratory and digestive systems. 
  • Four to a cell, with some sleeping on beds and other on a mattress on the floor.
  • Filthy cells, with cockroaches clambering over prisoners, and mosquitoes
  • Public showers, and toilet use is within the cell in front of other cell-mates
  • No chocolate or soft drinks, and food takes half an hour to get to them

You can listen to the entire interview here:

The Covid-19 situation in Corradino

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne stated that he is to investigate what’s happening with regards to the Covid-19 situation in Corradino. He said this during a programme on TVM. followed up by inquiring about the investigation, at which point we were directed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the time of publication, we have recieved no response. Marija said that the Covid-19 situation within the prison’s walls appears to have calmed down.

“They end up worse off”

Marija said that during her husband’s stint in prison, no professional or social worker has been by. She said that prisoners are meant to be reformed, and yet, they end up worse off because of the way they’re treated.

Marija called Corradino and asked for her husband after 4 days of no contact, especially since she can’t visit. She was told off for doing so.

Marija also described the life she’s living as a result of her husband’s imprisonment. Her voice broke as she explained that they used to split the bills, and now she can barely afford food.

Marija will be turning to support systems such as Caritas Malta, Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl and Prison Fellowship for help.

Would you like to help people like Marija?

Contact the entities outlined above

*Marija is a fictitious name. The interview was recorded on Monday 23rd November, in the evening.