Listen: “Justice was not served in our case”

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.


“Justice was not served in our case,” Daine Mulè Stagno said while she was interviewed on 103 fm. Mulè Stagno’s mother, Maria Dolores Zarb, 60, was killed on June 3, 2004. Zarb was giving a Maltese language lesson to Nadya Valivova, 24, in her apartment in St Palu’s Bay. The apartment block which was next to a construction site collapsed killing both Zarb and Valivova.

Hearing about the recent buildings collapsing makes her relive the situation, Mulè Stagno said, adding that feelings of anger reemerge. Mulè Stagno said that by now the case should have been decided, 15 years since the incident happened, adding that she decided to speak up hoping that things would change.

The owner of the plot was convicted

In 2009, the owner of the plot was convicted for three years and a construction worker was sentenced to 18 months for the involuntary homicide of the two women. The case was appealed.

Mulè Stagno said that she attended the court sittings and testified as part of the proceedings.

Still waiting for the appeal

The appeal was suspended after the accused had filed an appeal over a technicality in a different court. The Court of Appeal had suspended the hearing of the case until the matter is decided in a different court.

Mulè Stagno added that the delay has not been justified and that justice has not been served. She explained that the court had made several recommendations which should have been implemented and enforced immediately. Mulè Stagno added that no one was informing them of the progress as they remain in limbo.

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