Listen: How much should you tell your children about Covid-19?


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Parents should be careful on how much information they should pass onto their children, psychologist Cher Engerer said during an interview on Christine Daily which was aired on 103fm. Speaking about the novel coronavirus and on how to approach the subject with one’s children, Engerer said that parents should filter the information.

She explained that parents are duty bound to inform their children and explain that this was not a normal situation. The amount of information, that children should receive should be in proportion to their age. She warned parents against giving their children information which may cause fear or panic.

“We should try and lessen the stress we’re placing on our children and use this time to spend it with the family,” Engerer said. The importance of play was highlighted by the psychologist who urged families to take their time and do things they would usually put off doing with their children due to the lack of time.

She maintained that it was useless to pass one’s anxiety onto their children. Children should be shown the correct hand hygiene, Engerer remarked.

During the interview, Engerer stressed on the importance of reassuring children and underlined that this was a temporary situation. ‘Too much information can cause anxiety in children,’ she said.

Reminding ourselves that this situation will pass

Addressing adults, Engerer said that while the current situation could cause anxiety in adults one should keep in mind that it was temporary and that it will pass. It was not a matter of ‘being positive’ she remarked, but a question of reminding oneself that this situation was not a permanent one and that it will pass.

Appealing to the general public, Engerer said that one should not believe everything they read online and warned against fake news and disinformation.

She also spoke about maintaining a regular sleep cycle of seven to eight hour daily which is also good for one’s immune system. Those who have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety could either contact their doctor, or brew herbal teas or meditate, Engerer advised.

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