Listen: “Becoming a President is not part of my plan”

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana has said that rumours about her becoming the next President of the Republic are baseless.

While speaking to, she stressed that becoming President was not part of her plans.

Caruana was contacted by the newsroom after it received information that she had been approached to become the next President after H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca finishes her term.

The minister intimated that her priority was the Gozo Ministry which was entrusted to her and said that she had both a political and professional career to grow.

Various names touted for President

Various politicians and former politicians are being touted to succeed Coleiro Preca among which George Vella, Evarist Bartolo and Louis Grech.

The President of the Republic is a symbolic head of state according to the Maltese Constitution. The President is appointed for five years by parliament. 

Coleiro Preca’s term ends on the 4th April 2019.

The first President was Anthony Mamo who was appointed in 1974.