List of MPs against Busuttil’s dismissal grows

So far, 31 members of the Nationalist Party Parliamentary Group have given some indication, one way or another, on the issue of Simon Busuttil’s dismissal or suspension from the Parliamentary Group. carried out a  survey amongst Nationalist Parliamentarians and Members of the European Parliament who, together, for the PN Parliamentary group.

Eight members agreed outright with Adrian Delia’s decision and supported the Leader of the Opposition. In a Facebook comment, MEP Roberta Metsola requested that a meeting of the Parliamentary Group be convened.

Chris Said against the dismissal

In a Facebook post, Chris Said clearly said that “for no reason whatsoever, should the PN fall into the trap which is being orchestrated from outside, that of dismissing members from within the Party”.  He claimed that this was an attempt to tear the party asunder. He offered to mediate in this issue as the ultimate aim is to solve the problem of corruption.

Ivan Bartolo’s position

Ivan Bartolo was very precise in enunciating the following points, in this strict order:

  1. He is willing to work to heal this divide.
  2. He is also loyal to current leader Adrian Delia and he is not ready to vote against him.
  3. When asked by about this decision, he said that Simon Busuttil should not be humiliated like this and that he is against Simon Busuttil’s dismissal.

Those in favour of Delia:

  • Clyde Puli
  • David Agius
  • Robert Arrigo
  • Robert Cutajar
  • Kristy Debono
  • David Stellini
  • Mario Galea
  • Herman Schiavone

Those against the dismissal of Simon Busuttil:

  • Karol Aquilina
  • Jason Azzopardi
  • Ryan Callus
  • David Casa
  • Therese Comodini Cachia
  • Mario De Marco
  • Beppe Fenech Adami
  • Karl Gouder
  • Claudio Grech
  • Marthese Portelli
  • Chris Said

There were others who did not publicly state their allegiance.  The following is a list of Deputies who commented on the situation but sat on the proverbial fence:

  • Roberta Metsola
  • Francis Zammit Dimech
  • Frederick Azzopardi
  • Toni Bezzina
  • Maria Deguara
  • Carm Mifsud Bonnici
  • Stephen Spiteri
  • Edwin Vassallo

Marlene and Godfrey Farrugia’s position is quite interesting.  Although they are not members of the Nationalist Parliamentary Group, they are members of the Opposition and have a vote in whom should be the Leader of the Oppisition.