Let the law really protect the embryo – Pro-life groups to the President

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has written to the three prolife groups that had met her earlier on today saying that she would forward their proposals to the Deputy Minister and Minster for Health Chris Fearne for his consideration.

In her letter she said that she is only responsible of signing the Bills which are approved by Parliament.

Three prolife groups presented President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, with proposals regarding the last-minute amendments by government to the Embryo Protection Act.

The Life Network Foundation, Gift of Life Foundation and the Malta Unborn Child Movement maintained that the amendments being put forward are not in the interest of the embryos, and do not seek to protect the embryo.

The proposals put forward were:

1. Not to freeze 5 embryos during the first cycle since these go to waste.

2. An initiative aimed at releasing embryos and an increase in the retention fee in order to deter people from keeping embryos frozen for an indefinite time period.

3. Consider setting a moratorium on the number of frozen embryos to avoid an accumulation of embryos.

4. Gametes (sperm and egg) donated by women and men who die should be destroyed upon their death in order to avoid post humous conception and orphans at birth.

5. Open donation with the right to know biological fathers or mothers from birth.

6. Given that the certificates will not show the true biological identity, the groups are proposing certificates which show the true identity of the child.

In their proposals they have also included some changes to adopted children in order for these to get to know who their biological parents are, however the surrogacy law has been postponed.

The prolife groups said that despite the freezing of gametes is not deemed controversial, the government has proposed that 3 to 5 embryos can be frozen.